Detalii despre companie

The Magni Family

Magniflex Italy was founded by Giuliano Magni over fifty years ago when he started making mattresses from one room in his house in Prato. Today, the business is run by his three sons, Alexandro, Fabritsio and Marco although Giuliano reamains involved. Guiliano is still regarded as one of the world pioneers in the mattress business and holds the original world patent for vacuum and roll packed mattresses.


• World patent

• Innovative product

• Popular brand

• High quality product

• High level of marketing support

• Professional services

• Customer service

• High inventory levels

• Fast and free national delivery

• Unified pricing

• Financing option

• Warranty servicing

About Matrax
Matrax Ltd is a home-goods distributor in Southeast Europe.

As part of Sagitta Group, our aim is to provide innovative products and services that lead to positive changes for businesses and consumers. The company was founded in September 2004 when it secured exclusive rights to distribute the Magniflex brand in the region. Since that time the company has grown rapidly and currently works with over 300 top retail partners in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

Our company was founded on 5 core values which we apply to every aspect of our business.

  1. Customer-focused
    We are customer focused and pursue excellence in all our interactions. If there is a problem we accept responsibility and fix it
  2. Respect
    We treat our people with dignity and respect and are committed to their personal and professional development. We recognize that people are our greatest asset
  3. Integrity
    We operate with the highest standards of integrity and honesty, and keep to our agreements and promises
  4. Commitment
    We demonstrate commitment to the success and growth of our company
  5. Innovation
    We embrace innovation - via our products, ideas, and approach